Reiss //
Autumn/Winter Windows

We recently launched our Autumn / Winter 2017 Window for Reiss.

Topshop // Transitional Window

We launched in August our ‘Transitional’ Window installation for Topshop Oxford Street.

Topshop //
Neon Summer Window

We recently launched our ‘Neon Summer’ Window installation for Topshop Oxford Street.

Debenhams // Tropical Fiesta Concept

Our Tropical Fiesta concept launches Summer 2017  for Debenhams.

Lucy Hardcastle Collaboration

Lucy Hardcastle created the digital painting CONFLATE for our exhibition stand at the VM & Display Show.

Exhibition design behind the scenes

We recently collaborated with the digital artist Lucy Hardcastle from the Chanel ID project for ‘The Intangible Matter’.

Set design behind
the scenes

The theme of our web photography was about ‘Making the Mundane Charming’

Blacks Branded Visual Identity Movie

To bring our new logo to life we created a series of short movies which were designed to showcase our brand identity & convey our passion for craft, form, materials and movement.